Wholesale Services

At Best Sellers Inc. in Mississauga we are much more than just a retail cell phone sales and repair shop – we offer wholesale pricing to dealers, distributors, and other mobile shops across Canada.

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Mobile & IPad Screen Repair

We service all types of cell phones with any type of damage - literally, anything. We have seen it all from a broken screen to a non-functional touch screen.

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Ipad / Tablet Repairs

Whether you own an iPad or other type of tablet, you need a reliable repair service in Mississauga that you can always count on to protect your investment and ensure that your tablet is always running in tip-top condition.

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Mobile Phone Unlocking

We unlock cell phones for several different reasons. The process removes a SIM lock, Network lock or a subsidy lock from GSM cell phones. These locks are built into the phones by the manufacturers or the cell phone providers.

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Cell Phone Accessories

Best Sellers inc provides numerous cell phone and electronic accessories to retailers in Mississauga. The following is a list of telecoms in Mississauga for which we can provide cell phone accessories.

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IP TV Boxes

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We Repair all make and Models

Mission Statement

Our mission to assist our clients through all their mobile needs. Should it be one on one for individuals or on a larger, corporate scale. We are here for everyone from the one to the tens to the hundreds. We can fix your phone, upgrade your phone, change the screen, unlock it to another provider that isn't going to gouge you on monthly fees... the list is truly endless - the key thing to remember is: we are here for you.

Our technicians are efficient and skilled when it comes to repairs and come with expert knowledge. We promise quality, integrity, high efficiency and value to all of our clients.